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Kapolei Judical Complex Art Glass Project


SFCA artist competition award

Wai or water was such an inherent part of Hawaiian culture. So integral in life form, the precise use, conservation and preservation of water, a word form, "Kanawai" meant the code of Law.

These 5 art glass water murals are site specific. They are all from the West side of O'ahu's Ahupua'a o Honouliuli (land division) which includes the Kapolei area.
This naturally protected salt water pond called Anianiku in a small precious coastal section called
Lanikuhounua (Where the sky meets the earth).
Anianiku is a reflecting/ healing pond; in the days of the Ali'i (royalty), they would dip their newborn in these waters to give them "ha" or breath.
This nurturing pond also protected the spawning, keiki fish to grow before venturing north along the Waianae coast.

With this two-pane window system (IGU: Integrated glass unit), the exterior is a clear, tempered slumped glass interpretation of a water image, and the interior flat pane is the air brushed, splattered enamel fused color interpretation.

artist's concept of the 5 art glass murals and sample texture patterns: 2006-2007

Feb 2010:

Aug 2009: all bays installed and covered in order to do the finishing work ; opening and official dedication is spring of 2010.

Bay #4
Concept sketch, production & installation:

July '09: The last bay...Bay #4 is up and installed. Peter Kaufman in town to witness the final installation after 4 years of nurturing. It took a while and a few delay days, but it is up.

Bay #4 artist concept

Klaus working on the clear slump exterior panels

bay #4 in Paderborn, Germany

Bay 4 installation at Kapolei site July, 2009:

IGU panels in steel A-frame holders

Carefull installation & handling of each IGU unit.

Bay #4 @ sunset exterior view, summer'09

May 2009: Crazy month again. The USA rep from Peters Glasmalerei, Peter Kaufmann, as well as Yan Peters from Paderborn were here to see the installation and last shipment from the German glass factory. As usual, all the new art glass panels arrived in perfect condition.

Although there were initial delays of the container, Bays 1 and 2 were carefully installed and look great.

A temporary blue plasic protective covering seals the exterior and the interior is boarded up as the building's interior is going through the retrofitting of offices and courtrooms.

Bay 4 remains as the last mural to be installed (June ?)to seal the building.

Loading and trucking the slumped and colored glass panels to get tempered, Nuenbeken, Germany

April: This month came with a bang! The Glass IGUs of Bays 5,4,and 3 arrived in perfect condition. They were all explicitly coded and arranged by bays and as of the 14th , bays 5 and 3 are installed. Easy as it may sound, it took a lot of coordination between all the parties involved: DAGS, SFCA, Judicial Art Committee, Architects, Contractor, and Glaziers to make it all possible.

We still have one more shipment to receive and 3 more large Bays to fullfil.


The first three murals are on the ship via Panama Canal, L.A., Honolulu.

ETA: 27 March

The container has to go through customs, delivered to site, opened and inspected then offically handed over from the manufacturer to the Honolulu contractors. Installation begins.

January/February 2009: business as usual and on time.
The first three murals are being tempered and the matching slumped and airbrushed panels will be then sealed in a IGU ( Intergrated Glass Unit). They are building racks in the large shipping container so each piece can be easily inspected .
There are so many variables in every step: to arrive on time , customs, the co-inspection of each piece, the clear transfer of responsibility, handling each IGU, storage of each mural near its site, and proper installation.

I can't believe that as the last of 5 glass mural get being done, it will be nearly 3 years : from imagination to installation.

Architects modified concept drawings in 2006


Our early 2009 on-site meeting with DAGS, State Foundation on Culture and the Arts, the Judicial Art Commitee , Architects, engineers, the Contractors, glass installers, Peter's Glasmalerei (on-phone) : all prepping for the arrival, inspection, storage and installation of the art glass.

° December '08: Full production mode of the airbrushed and clear slumped panels of window Bays #5, #4 and #3.

a night picture of the top portion of Bay #5
Peters Glasmalerie built this studio addition especially for this large project.

° November: This recent Paderborn trip was a pleasant surprise as the slowly developing airbrushing and slumping techniques had finally matured to the point that I'm very pleased with the whole project. Not only has the technique peaked, there is a fabulous new glass studio addition that was built over the summer to accomodate these murals. Everything is in full production to realize the deadlines and shipping dates.
We need to produce the first 3 glass murals , temper, seal the exterior slump and interior color panel into an IGU and ship these out for installation by February. I may have to return to Paderborn within the next month or so...we will see the progress continues.......

reviewing textured airbrushing with Eduart

detail of surface texture

clear glass slumped exterior

airbrushed fused glass color

The airbrusher: Edvard

multifaceted treatment of rocks , splattering enamels and water.

Paderborn studio and offices

Nuenbeken studios: 2008

Paderborn studios

Art Glass Waterdoors
designed by Doug Young * produced by Peters Glasmaleri, Paderborn

Translucent/ Opaque

artist concept: translucent glass door

artist concept translucent glass door

Peters Glasmaleri interior glass door

detail of water-door/reflections, translucent

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