Geckos in Paradise
A volunteer art project for Kapiolani Health Foundation's Women's Comprehensive Cancer Breast Center

April 21, 2004

raw materials



Remodeling the arms in clay and casting them with fiberglass and resin.

5/11/04 2x4 armature with clay modeling; recasting in fiberglass; my orginal intention was just switching the head around as well as feet but it seems like I might have to remodel the whole form.......lots of work!!!

If you go to the Duane Hanson slideshow in my resume', you'll see me doing the same thing building his sculptures including "Sunbather"....34 years ago...@17 Bleeker Street , in New York City as his assistant for 2 years.


We're still in construction of the studio......but , I need the space.

On the 4th gallon of resin; basically rebuilding the whole form; itchy fiberglass and dust all over...very bad for your health. Working all days, long hours, it'll probably be 2 months of intense work without getting paid.

carving clay sunglass form over a rubbish can

fiberglasss eyeglasses




..thought I could have the form done and ready for painting by june ways!

June 8,2004

first coat of primer and continual patching/smoothing

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