Ma'ema'e Elementary School Volunteer Art Project 2001-2002
Fairy Tales
Ameican Legends
When our daughter was in the fifth grade, we got involved with an art project in painting some concrete (bus) benches related to their reading curiculum.

The four (5th grade classes) each had a reading theme: Fairly tales, American Fiction & Biography, American Legends/Tall Tales, Nene Book Award recipients.

All the children worked on sketches related to their specific theme. We (teachers, Babs and I) edited them, and I scanned the sketches and created an over all digital concept layout and presented it for approval/ editing.

We prepped the concrete, projected and drew the concept sketch and the children started painting. We guided them, helped with details and shadows and sealed the benches with a durable clear acrylic.

Nene Award Books
Historical Fiction and Biography
Babs and I (center) with the ubiquitous and ever patient 5th grade teachers: 2002
The original plan was to locate the benches around the large Monkey pod tree in the courtyard. The teachers thought it was too risky to have them outside over the summer ( and open to vandalism) that they decided to use them in the library.........which leads us to the 2003 project.
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