painting series


It seems that I suddenly found myself plopped in an upper floor loft at 17 Bleeker in 1970 working as Duane Hanson's assistant; plaster casting live models and making the fiberglass human forms. As a sophomore from Coe College, Iowa, it was my art professor's connection with Ivan Karp at O.K. Harris that granted me the appenticeship to Hanson. For the next year and a half, I made most of Hanson's sculptures , helped other artists in the OK Harris gallery, installed shows , went with Hanson to help produce a show in Germany....totally immersed in the new photorealist "movement" when the midtown galleries started moving down to this manufactoring district called SoHo.

  The islands have always been my womb, my "piko" and combining it’s imagery with realism and the contemporary “tools” of our time, has been the underlying thread of my work.

  The overlapping, askewed layering of images is a play on how our life’s events rarely segue into one another. Usually in the midst of current events it seems so chaotic and uneven. It is only later, in quiet retrospect, as we connect the “dots”, that the events/ images have a certain continuity to this whole sequence of one's path in life.

  Initially these overlapping layers in open space have been in  2 dimensional space. I am currently exploring these sequences in 3D space and in combination with different mediums.

Painting Series

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