Mango Series (2006 -)

Another series that started from a two-person show with ceramicist , Esther Shimazu. We both received the individual Artist Fellowship from the Hawai'i State Foundation on Culture and the Arts in 1995. She has been with a mainland gallery and very much in demand.

Esther rarely has a "show" in Hawai'i , so, this was is a first.

The Theme? food? fruits? mangoes..OK.

I'm kinda feeding off of her pieces that have a minimalist feel: all nudes, no hair , only one type of body form.

Visually, I'm seeing the oriental scroll form of open spaces with written Kanji characters of names or poems along the sides and/or bottoms of the scroll.

I think this format would go good with her pieces.

Mango Season_Rapoza 1
acrylic on canvas
38" x 18"

Mango Season_2

acrylic on canvas
48" x 17"

private collection

Mango Season trio

acrylic on canvas

private collection

This being the more erotic of the 'bunch' has amongst the icons, cialis and viagra pills....not that there is anything wrong with it. These are part of the daily junk email reminders.

The icons are a carry-over from the family ties/ I Ching series. This time I'm using the Apple dock icons intermixed with the mango steps and erection pills.

I like the eastern philosophy that everthing is energy. Everything is vibrant..from rock to plant. Everytime I paint, I would paint fairly tight then usually end up breaking it up with splatters and paint spray.

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