Surf Series
' just a natural extension of the Water Series and our lifestyle. I usually try to take a camera along whether it be standup paddling or surfing...pending weather/surf conditions... most times, hardly a pic is shot as it is so difficult to get these two elements together. With a point and shoot camera, you also have to contend with the delayed shutter, blurred and waterspotted images.

In this series, so far , I've been digitally combining two to four images together. With a digital pen and pad, re working the images together to make the final piece.

The image is printed on canvas , stretched on a gallery wrap frame, and float - framed with maple.

Once I recieve the print, as with the Queen's and Big Rights pieces, they are repainted with acrylics.

Waterman_1, Waikiki
archival print on canvas, stretched, framed in maple

35" x 25"


Queen's ,Waikiki

archival print on stretched canvas/acrylic/gallery wrap/maple float frame
Variable edition (each piece is repainted, unique)

41.5" x 85.5"


(medium/framed: 21" x 39" $1,100.)


36" x 66"

( high line carve from the back of the wave)

classic gun

archival print on canvas framed in maple

30" x 10"


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