tourist painting seriesTourist Series
In my senior year in Iowa, I started a painting series of what Iowans thought of Hawaii. Usually the commercial tourist images juxtaposed with some contemporary scene.

This was the beginning of overlapping images: in this case, the hula girl with pineapples from a postcard over an adverisement from the local Cedar Rapids Gazette to "Give your wife Hawaii for Christmas".

While always playing with different materials, the "canvas" was made by "glassing" fiberglass cloth and resin over a plywood form (surfboard influence) which made a durable, undulating surface. The paint, acrylic enamel, is also what they use for car paint.

give your wife...  painting

"Give Your Wife......."

acrylic enamel on fiberglass

50" x 61" 1972

Keiki/ Amfac

Aloha /Leahi

Hawaii Theatre/ Malihinis

Kapiolani Motors/ Kodak Hula show

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