*The Artist As Native: Reinventing Regionalisminventing Regionalism

*The Persis Collection of Contemporary Art

*Streetcar Days in Honolulu
*A Place Called Chinese America

*Book covers

Hawai'i Looking Back: An Illustrated History of the Islands, Glen Grant, Bennett Hymer and the Bishop Museum Archives, Mutual Publishing, 2000

(featuring the Old Building Series on pages 370 thru 373)

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Seeing the Invisible, Manoa, 1996, University of Hawai'i Press
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Last Days Here, 1990, Eric Chock, Bamboo Ridge Press
Pake': Writings by Chinese in Hawaii, 1989, Bamboo Ridge Press
Expounding the Doubtful Points,1987, Wing Tek Lum, Bamboo Ridge Press
A Place Called Chinese America, 1982, Diane Mei Lin Mark & Ginger Chih, Kendall/Hunt Publishing Co.